Drain Unblocking Carlton Yorkshire

Drain Unblocking Carlton Yorkshire

Drain Unblocking Carlton Yorkshire At TCM Draincare we are a family run business providing drainage services to domestic & commercial properties throughout Yorkshire & Lancashire. Drain Unblocking Carlton Yorkshire.

Blocked drains happen and are normal causing the sink to take longer to drain. Although there are several causes of a blocked drain, it can be fixed. Here are ways for Drain Unblocking Carlton Yorkshire a badly blocked drain.

How to unblock a blocked drain

A cup plunger

Almost every home has a plunger, and that is a good idea. When you notice a drop in the speed at which water drains from your sink, you could use a cup plunger to dislodge the block. A cup plunger is made of rubber base shaped as a suction cup and a handle. 

To do this, place the plunger directly over the drain ensuring the rubber suction cup completely covers the drain. When the plunger is pulled up, it sucks up water and pushing it down drops the water forcefully. This way, the water force pushes down the block.

Try a drain cleaner

Using a drain cleaner helps break up some blockages along the pipes. These could be easily gotten in stores and are an easy way for Drain Unblocking Carlton Yorkshire blocked by fats, oil, grease or soap scum. You should however note that some drain cleaners are designed for specific types of blockages thus, you would need to carefully read the instructions.

In many cases, you would need to pour a measured amount of the drain cleaner into the drain followed by boiling water. The chemical works to dislodge whatever the blockage in your pipe may be. You would hear a fizzling sound along the pipe. Make sure to follow the instructions given on each drain cleaner.

Use a Drain snake

Sometimes, your drain could be clogged by tiny items such as hair, animal fur or soap scum. These could be easily removed using a drain snake. A drain snake is made of wire of flexible metal that is extended down the drain to remove clogs and other items that can cause drain blockages. You could readily get one from your hardware store. 

To use them, you would have to remove the drain protector and slowly get the drain snake into the pipes and drag out the clogs. Once you are done, you can use water to flush the pipes. Caution should be employed so you do not break the pipe by exerting too much force. Also ensure you wear the appropriate protective wear.

Check the P-traps under sinks

For badly blocked drain, you should check the P-traps under the sink. These traps are installed to prevent smell from traveling up the sink. However, they could also trap dirt such as food waste, hair, or small items that would prevent the free flow of water. 

Place a bucket directly under the trap, then try unscrewing it to clean it out. For a blocked pipe, you could find the cause of the blockage along these traps. When completely cleaned, you could screw it back. remember to clean out the cupboard when you are done.

Call a plumber

In some situations, the blocked drain could be caused by several issues along your plumbing. This could range from leaks, breaks along the pipes to more complex blockages in parts of the plumbing you may not be able to reach. For these situations, it is always best to call a professional. 

They would help with a more intensive assessment of all the pipes to identify the cause of the blockage and take intensive Drain Unblocking Carlton Yorkshire measures. Sometimes, the pipes could be so blocked that only a replacement would solve that, a professional plumber would help with that. 


A blocked drain could be caused by several reasons. While there are several ways for Drain Unblocking Carlton Yorkshire, prevention is always best. When your drain gets badly blocked or you cannot identify the cause of blockage, do not hesitate to call a professional.