Blocked Drains Otley Yorkshire

Blocked Drains Otley Yorkshire

Blocked Drains Otley Yorkshire At TCM Draincare we are a family run business providing drainage services to domestic & commercial properties throughout Yorkshire & Lancashire. Blocked Drains Otley Yorkshire.

Blocked Drains Otley Yorkshire may begin as minor issues but can quickly become big problems if not taken care of. They can cause flooding, corrosion, water drainage, and in some really difficult cases, sewage backup and repairs that cost much more.

Apart from all these, they can be worrying and discomforting. It can begin to give you issues and even slow down your work because there is no proper flow. No one likes them.

This can however, be as a result of several issues that will be discussed in this article. However, it doesn’t end there. There are also certain ways to fix blogger drain which will also be discussed in this article. 

Are you having issues with your drain? Then this right here is for you.

By reading this article, you will be learning about the causes of Blocked Drains Otley Yorkshire and how to fix them.

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What Are The Common Causes Of Them?

Below are the common causes of them;


You might be asking, “how can soap cause a blockage in drains?” The answer is that soap bars contain grease or fat as part of their components. The fat present in the soap reacts with the minerals present in the water, the end result is soap scum, a hard residue that clings to drain systems and blocks drainages. 

Some soap free washes do not contain these fats and oils present in the traditional bar soap and so, they are better for use. This is good for you especially when doing the dishes and you have to pour the soap water directly in the sink.


Drain and pipes are good for washing dirt away, but not just any and every dirt. Washing off excess dirt off your dishes and clothes can cause a build up leading to blockage issues in your drains.

Ensure you shake off and rinse any excess dirt off your clothes before washing them and if the water is too murky from excess dirt, pour in warm water into the drain immediately to de-clog.

How to Fix The Drains

Boiling Water And Salt

The best way to unblock Blocked Drains Otley Yorkshire is to use boiling water and salt. If you notice that your drain is blocked, put a pot of water on fire and leave it to boil. Pour a large amount of salt into your drain pipe, then pour the boiling water down the pipe.

This is one of the fastest ways to unblock Blocked Drains Otley Yorkshire .

Use A Drain Snake

A drain snake is an easy-to-use tool specifically for drain cleaning. It is a metal cable that is long and flexible and has a drill at the end for breaking up clogs.

To use this tool, remove the drain trap and push the drill of the drain snake in the drain, using it to break up the clogs.

This is also an effective way of unblocking your drain.


Drain blockage is a common issue. The main causes are soap and dirt. Avoid using the traditional bar soap that contains fat if you experience drain blockage too frequently. The ways to unblock the drain is either by using a combination of hot water and salt or using the drain snake as explained above.